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I love to live. To feel the warmth of the sunshine on my face, the tease of a breeze in my hair, rain caressing my skin, blankets heavy and hot across my lap in winter, water cool and seemingly weightless enveloping me in summer. To smell wet dirt, fresh-cut grass, warm leaves browning in the autumn sun, roses in bloom, homemade bread baking in my oven, laundry that's been hanging on the line all afternoon, the smell of a man as he holds open the door for me...or holds me close in a dance. To hear my dog snoring as he lies curled up next to me on the couch, A woodpecker tap-tap-tapping, water soaking into the roots of a potted plant, laughter, stories---even if they're just about your day. To taste food as my great grandparents would recognize it---fresh, with energy from the sun, the earth or the sea. Not from a factory To share a cup of tea or coffee, or glass of wine or beer with family and friends. But always responsibly. To see the sun rise...and set, stars outlining stories in the sky above, rainbows, forests, stained glass windows, snail slime sparkling my Maple tree on a summer evening, children playing, old people holding hands, and the skyline of my city as I come around that final bend bringing me home. I live to find and embrace savoir vivre and joie de vivre.

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